Project Moonlit Day

For those of you who love a good Vampire story, the title will give away some of the premise (not too much we hope).

Moonlit day is about vampires, yes. It is a fast paced action filled story. Not just a story about Jay and his struggle to survive in a vampire infested world, but just as much about Claire and Madison. And what about Jay’s twin sister?

Dive into the realm of vampires with a twist. Not all folklore is precise…or did the world just change over time?

The introduction of the story and what you can expect. Warning: Foul language ahead.


“FUUUUUUUCK!”, Jay yelled. “DAMN MAN! FUUUUUCK!”, he gasped as he looked at his hand. 

“Can’t you warn me before you do the…you know…bite!”, he fumed at the woman opposite to him. Who was now smirking with drips of blood leaking from her lips.

Apart from Jay’s anger, the club didn’t seem to have changed its dynamics. Nobody turned their heads, nobody looked at them. Well, nobody except the large brute behind the woman that had been piercing so hard at Jay, he could have burned the holes into his hand.

“You…should…get acquainted to the feeling, if you wish to honor the contract. Remember, you will be well rewarded for your…..donations”, the voice sounded full of sexual desire and sensuality. Not very much unlike the looks of the woman herself. Considering this was an undead, Jay could have been fooled if it had been 30 years ago.

Jay bit his lip and clenched his hand over the wounds. 

“I will…I will”, he said regretfully. 

The call had come at such a time, he hadn’t even thought about it. If it had been at night, he would have thought twice, though the contract was already signed then. But it was his lunch-break. At first he thought Brent was having his ass into some mess again and he needed Jay to bail him out. When he arrived and understood why he was called, it was already too late.

The music was pounding in her ears like war drums, as she swayed her hips and matched the beat. Sweat dripped from her neck, while a few males grinded against her. She didn’t care much. These were humans so careless and smelled too much of drugs and alcohol for her to even consider taking a taste from their sweet life force called blood.

Suddenly hearing the scream of a male across the club made her look over. By the gods, his blood smelt like sweet metallic candy. It was just beckoning her to rush over and claim it as hers. She closed her eyes and took in a big whiff and sighed. Her eyes fluttered open and turned into the deep red hue. If she had had a heart it would have been pounding has hard as the music in her ears. 

Without much thought or concern Claire push her way with much easy to where the trio sat. She gave the woman and brute a smile before looking down at the male. Seeing his blooded hand and how he looked a little discolored.

“Mistress, I never thought I’d see you in daylight~ and who is this? A new pet?“, Claire growled coyly.

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